Tlemcen for Marine Services Co. Ltd.

      *Iraqi company, private sector 100 %.

      *Located in Basrah city (port in south of Iraq).

      *Contributes in the investment of private capitals in national                  development domain in Iraq.

      *Specialized in offering marine services for different  kinds of ships.

      *Practices the business of freight, shipment, loading,  unloading and      storage of cargoes.

      *Manages the business of custom house broker.

      *Offers provisioning and fuels for ships.

      *Offers maintenance and fixing work.

     * Provides cargo lists.

      *Possess warehouses for cargoes.

      *The staff practice in a professional center related to the company.


The company has a coaster ship (1000T), built in 1997. The coaster is working in Iraqi ports to supply fuel, water..etc. for vessels.


Welcome for investment, joint venturing, for above mentioned projects