Alyanboua For Agricultural & Animal Investment Co. Ltd.

      *Iraqi company, private sector 100 %.

     * Contributes in the investment of private capitals in agricultural and animal investment sector.

     * Constructs plantation and farms of raising animals .

     * Constructs factories specialized in forage production.

     * Constructs factories specialized in agricultural production.

     * Employs all the qualifications needed by the agricultural business and  raising animals & Plantation business.

     * Uses the modern scientific means to realize the goal.

      *The company has a farm of  62 500sqm located in Babylon Province to produce Varity of decoration plants roses and flowers. This farm contains open gardens, and green houses.

*The company has a land (250 000 000sqm) located in Waset province, south east of Baghdad. The company is going to establish a wheat farm.