Alyanboua For Agricultural & Animal Investment Co. Ltd.

   New projects:

2- The projects of cool and frozen stores:

 First location in Salah Al-Deen province, north of Baghdad. The company is going to be established cool and frozen stores on an area of 25000sqm  In the being time there is negotiation with a company (Saudi Arabia) to participate in this project  to finance the value of the equipment. (Joint-Venture).

 Second location in Babylon province, south of Baghdad, it is going to be established on an area of 250000sqm.


3- The project of dairy products : located in Babylon province, south of Baghdad on an area 250 000sqm. The project land, installations and buildings territory is 20 000sqm .

The daily receiving capacity of milk line is 50 tons/h working times, including the production lines; processed cheese, cream and yogurt .


Welcome for investment, joint venturing, for above mentioned projects